Ravens beat reporter Jeff Zrebiec give his scouting report on Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets game. (Baltimore Sun video)

The ratings for NFL broadcasts are lower than ever. I can think of several things the NFL could do to end the slump.

I want no broadcasters chattering during a football play except the play-by-play announcer. Please kill all other microphones.


I want to see Asians, other minorities and women in the broadcast booth. Hannah Storm would be great in the booth.

A female co-worker mentioned cheerleaders and the Redskins name as reasons that football is a big turn-off. If you must have cheerleaders, they should include men as well. If you must have cheerleaders, reduce the number and give them more publicity.

During the glory days of the NFL most commentary was limited to the half-time show. I wouldn't mind a longer half time if the staff in the broadcast booth were reduced. Don't dare show talking heads during a football play!

I see nothing wrong with players celebrating in the end zone. Let them celebrate every play as long as they don't delay games.

As for the officials, I want fines and suspensions if a referee or line judge's call is overturned by the league. Give an extra time-out to any team that successfully challenges a call.

I would like the marching band to parade around the stadiums before games. Parades used to be a lot more common.

I was happier when the teams had more players on their rosters. At this point just one or two crucial injuries can destroy a whole season.

Also, it is very hard for a team to win if they play on Sunday and then play again on Thursday. Thursday games should only be played after a team has had a full week off.

Elias Boccheciamp, Laurel