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'Creeping Sharia' in Howard County

The Columbia Association's decision to hold women-only swim times is yet another example of a disturbing trend in this country which forces us all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, into Sharia compliance. Like the Kudzu weed, which now covers over 7 million acres of the American Southeast, the threat of "creeping Sharia" will adversely and unalterably change the social, cultural and political landscape of this country forever.

Jesse Newbum, a spokeswoman with the Columbia Association said "CA was founded on inclusion." I'm curious if Ms. Newbum could explain how a policy which effectively discriminates against half the population (men) can be inclusive? Will the CA also be providing female-only lifeguards during these set-aside sessions to further appease Muslim sensibilities?

In the past year we have witnessed Muslim cab drivers at the Minneapolis airport refusing to pick up passengers returning from Napa Valley with wine bottles, Muslim workers at a Target department store refusing to handle pork products and my favorite: Muslim students attending the Catholic University of America suing their school for its alleged failure to provide adequate Muslim prayer rooms (i.e. rooms devoid of those pesky crucifixes). Imagine that! The preeminent Catholic college in the country displaying symbols of its faith! How insensitive can you get?

But I think I may have a solution: Why not have Mr. Raghid Shourbaji, President of the Howard County Muslim Council petition the government of Saudi Arabia to pump in a few more petro dollars and build some ancillary swimming pools next to all those mega-mosques they are already funding.

That way, Muslim women can frolic to their hearts' delight in their newest burqinis and Neanderthals like myself can relax knowing that the establishment clause of the First Amendment, which prohibits the government from giving proprietary status to any religion, is still alive and well in Howard County….at least for the time being.

As the Muslim population of this country increases, so will their demands, and if the current trend continues, so will our concessions. Anyone familiar with Kudzu knows that this intrusive weed has a nasty habit of killing off any native vegetation by denying it the sun's light. So too will "creeping Sharia" diminish the light of freedom and equality. We would do well to heed the poet Dylan Thomas's advice: "do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Will Placek, Scaggsville

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