Misogyny starts with religion [Letter]

I agreed with your conclusions in today's editorial on misogyny ("Misogyny not to be ignored," May 28), but if you really need to seek an answer to where all this hatred of women comes from, look no farther than religion.

As Christopher Hitchens extensively documented, every major religion in the world is virulently anti-woman. Anyone with any doubts as to the absolute truth of Mr. Hitchens writings need only look at the way women are being treated every day, right now, by Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians. It doesn't take a genius to draw the connection from covering a woman with a sheet from head to toe because it is "sinful" to look at her or isolating her during menstruation because she is "unclean" and a pampered rich brat shooting up a sorority house because "women don't like him."

If you really want to see the roots of misogyny in this world, just open your eyes. Misogyny starts with religion.

William Smith, Baltimore

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