A $15 wage would help families

What's wrong with getting poor families off government assistance?

Doesn't The Baltimore Sun think children deserve their families?

Data show that minimum wage earning parents don't spend enough time with their children because they have to work more than one job in order to provide for their families. According to the Baltimore Sun editorial ("A $15 minimum wage? Not so fast," May 1), if the minimum wage were raised to $15 per hour, there would be fewer jobs and more pressure for minority youth to enter the underground economy. But we don't agree because if parents can spend more time with their children, they will be able to have a positive influence on them. This will help our youth achieve more, reduce crime and help our city grow.

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke's bill would raise the earnings of 20 percent of Baltimore's workers, according to the Economic Policy Institute. The U.S. Census Bureau, meanwhile, reports that 20 percent of people in Baltimore are on food stamps. If we raise the minimum wage, maybe they wouldn't need the government help.

This is why we are fighting for $15 per hour — for our futures, our families and our community.

Crisaly De Los Santos and Daniela Sanchez, Baltimore

The writers are youth leaders at Mi Espacio (CASA de Maryland).

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