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McKeldin Fountain, a threatened Baltimore landmark [Letter]

The wonderful McKeldin Fountain at Baltimore's Inner Harbor was running beautifully recently. The site was clean thanks to a team of workers, and there were several families there enjoying this important architectural landmark with its bridges, waterfalls, sculpture and passageways.

I can't understand why The Sun is refusing to cover the controversy over losing such an important structure. The city plans to remove this piece of Baltimore history to replace it with nothing but grass.


The McKeldin Fountain and the Morris A. Mechanic Theatre put Baltimore on the international map as a city that led downtown renewal from the 1960s through the 1980s. The Mechanic recently made the top 10 list of endangered structures, and The Sun hasn't covered that controversy either.

Last week, I chatted with two older women from Dundalk whom I met at the McKeldin Fountain during a day at the harbor. They worked in a neighboring building when the fountain was constructed and couldn't imagine why it was abandoned.


They told great stories of how they once loved this park during lunch hour and lamented the fact that the Inner Harbor has become just another expensive suburban mall.

The Sun's readers deserve to be informed on this controversy. I challenge anyone to walk through the fountain during lunch and not be amazed.

Mike Pugh


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