Readers Respond

How does stating facts make Pat McDonough racist?

Assuming that it's true that "roving mobs of black youth" terrorize Baltimore, why should Del. Pat McDonough apologize for saying so ("Baltimore and bigotry," May 18)?

If anyone should apologize, I think it should be the Rev. Cortly C.D. Witherspoon, who according to the article in The Sun "said that McDonough's remarks were 'below the belt,' culturally insensitive and intended to exploit Baltimore's challenges for his own political gain." ("Delegate says focus shouldn't be on his 'black youth mobs' comment, but on city violence," May 18.)


According to the article, the reverend also plans to have a rally at City Hall and said that he wants radio station WCBM and the station's sponsors to "pull the plug" on Delegate McDonough's talk show.

Way to go, reverend! That ought to solve the problem of violence in Baltimore.


Incidentally, "roving mobs of black youth" is a phenomenon that goes back a long way.

I'm 84 years old, and I can remember "roving mobs of black youth" surging through our Pigtown neighborhood following victories by one of my all-time favorite boxers, Joe Louis.

Does my stating that simple fact make me a racist, Reverend Witherspoon?

Richard T. Seymour, Baltimore