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What Md. needs in 2014 [Letter]

Here are but a few items I wish for Baltimore and Maryland as we quickly approach the coming year:

•A resolution for Baltimore's speed camera debacle. Can't you just get it fixed?


•Leaders for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services who can wrest back total and unfettered control of our beleaguered prison system.

•Patience for Ravens fans. If they would accept this current season as a rebuilding year, it seems to make things a bit more palatable. We have become spoiled with consistent winners at M&T Bank Stadium.


•A return for our Inner Harbor area to the days of glory and pride without boarded-up storefronts and chain restaurants that serve seafood from another planet.

•A front-line starting pitcher for the Orioles to compete with the beasts of the East.

•An aspiring gubernatorial Democrat who is focused on issues. What a concept!

I wish a safe and warm holiday season for all.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham


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