Trump must divest or be impeached

How can Americans tolerate a president beholden to foreign governments?

Donald J. Trump is now president. While he has transferred the management of his holdings to his children, he has yet to actually divest himself of his financial and real estate assets. By failing to do so, he violates the Constitution of the United States, specifically Article 8, Section 9, or the "Emoluments Clause." This clause specifically restricts members of government from receiving gifts from foreign states ("Trump hotels may be planning an expansion amid calls to divest," Jan. 25).

President Trump's hotels are frequented by representatives of foreign governments, allowing him to financially gain from foreign states. He is now in the position to increase his personal wealth through his presidency and his dealings with other countries, a situation which may have been the goal of his presidential bid all along. It also raises the question of whose interests he serves, the country's or his own.

At the Women's Marches across the country, we showed Mr. Trump that more of us supported an open, inclusive and transparent government rather than the policies that he promotes. The public will not support a president who blatantly violates our Constitution and openly disregards or minimizes his obvious conflicts of interest. Congress should immediately investigate Presidents Trump's actions and, if necessary, initiate impeachment proceedings. Public pressure on Congress is the only way to make this happen.

Carolyn Stine, Baltimore

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