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Start a conversation on Capitol Hill [Letter]

If you told me a few years ago that I would be spending my vacation days talking to Congress, I would have thought you were out of your mind. But I ended up on Capitol Hill recently, lobbying with 600 other Americans from all walks of life. We went to converse with our senators and congressmen and congresswomen on both side of the aisle. We told them what we were concerned about, offered a simple solution and asked them what they thought. We listened to them and conversed with them about meeting on common ground. It was a bit like a National Public Radio conversation.

As I worked with five different groups, I met Americans from many walks of life and from different faiths. At the end of the day, walking from the Cannon House Office Building to Union Station, we passed the Supreme Court with about 10 people in front of it. The rabbi walking with me asked me, "What's that?" I turned to what she was pointing to and said, "It's the Supreme Court." She said, "I know that. But what about the people in front of it." I had not noticed that the people in front had their mouths taped. The rabbi went to talk to those people.

After about five minutes, she came back to me and told me the group was praying that the Supreme Court would not allow abortion. I asked her what she said to them. The rabbi told me that she asked if they would pray for her grandson. He was just born a few months ago and she is concerned because of the havoc that would occur due to climate change in his lifetime. So they prayed together. The rabbi epitomized what we set out to do on Capitol Hill — observe, reach out and find common ground. For the sake of humanity, I hope more and more of us can do this now. I can only begin with myself.

Sabrina S. Fu, Ellicott City

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