LNG export is bad for the economy, environment [Letter]

Domestic natural gas supply has increased enough to reduce the wholesale price to well below what foreign markets would offer for it. So Dominion and other corporate "players" as they call themselves want to send our natural gas overseas. The increased demand would increase domestic prices enough to support new fracking "plays" comparable to expansion during the original Marcellus Shale boom.

The flip side includes those price increases showing up in heating and energy costs throughout North America. We thought fracking's benefits were for our common good. Fracking "players" however see exporting as a long-term goal. This would hurt everyone paying for heat, energy and the plethora of natural gas-reliant chemical products all across North America. Dow, ALCOA, the American Public Gas Association and many others oppose the resulting higher costs, forming "America's Energy Advantage" to keep fracking's benefits here.


Dominion wants to send liquefied natural gas to India and Japan from the Chesapeake Bay's Cove Point facility, over 11,000 miles by ship. Leakage in India's distribution system will make the environmental impact of use and leakage alone comparable to that of typical coal. Factor in huge liquefaction and transport costs and you have a worse-than-worst-coal mess.

Sixty foot high walls are to contain thunderous compressor noise right where watermen traditionally hunt for crabs and oysters. Powering those compressors will make Cove Point the state's fourth largest CO2 polluter.

We in Pennsylvania appreciate the Chesapeake Bay and the seafood it provides. Searching "Cove Point LNG" online shows popular opposition (including to Dominion, which won't even talk to the local homeowners' association. Protecting our common environment including the Chesapeake Bay is the right thing to do.

Roger Twitchell, York, Pa.

The writer is a member of Citizens' Climate Lobby.


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