Trump undeserving of respect

What should Americans kowtow to a proven liar?

We need to thank Rep. John Lewis for having the courage he has shown before in saying what needed to be said. How many times have we heard the same words about an illegitimate president from Trump supporters about Barack Obama ("After feuding with civil rights leader John Lewis, Trump meets with Martin Luther King III," Jan. 16)?

The truth is that Mr. Trump has no experience as a statesman. His behavior consistently reveals inconsistency, ignorance and an apparently eager willingness to employ fear and to encourage uncertainty. He presents casual and absurd statements and outright demonstrable lies as policy. He has never said anything with a hint of critical acumen about Vladimir Putin, and he has never shown an ounce of humility or respect for me or the millions of people like me who voted against him.

How often does Mr. Trump use the word, "we?" He has called his political opponents enemies and everything his "team" does suggests that they will seek retribution and vengeance. Greed has been the overriding theme of his life. Work together? Unite the country? Don't make me laugh.

I have no obligation, historical or otherwise, to show deference or respect, to fool myself that he has done anything to deserve a chance, and once he is inaugurated, I intend to resist his administration and reject his leadership.

Joshua L. Shoemaker, Towson

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