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Un-Christian attitudes toward migrant kids [Letter]

Del. A. Wade Kach, who is running for Baltimore County Council, is opposed to the plan to house 50 kids from Central America in Timonium. Where is his Christian compassion? Where is the Christian compassion of the officials and residents of Baltimore City, Carroll County, etc.? Oh, the hate on their faces and their messages.

Mr. Kach says it's a "federal problem." Well, the Senate passed an immigration bill and the House has not.


A federal problem for sure? A Republican problem! And don't blame President Barack Obama.

I have seen some of the kids who have crossed the border to escape a horrible situation. They are children. Walk a mile in their shoes!


President Jimmy Carter said, "If you say you are a Christian but you don't help the poor, then you are not a Christian."

Bob and Hilma Swensen, Glen Arm


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