Regarding letter writer Barbara P. Wasserman's support for Howard County's limits on sugary drinks and junk food at county-sponsored events from a medical point view, she missed one very salient point ("Howard County making a healthy effort," July 9).

The very principle of our democracy is the freedom of choice. County Executive Ken Ulman telling me what I can and cannot eat on county property — property that my tax dollars paid to build and maintain — is not the purpose of our form of government.


Our form of government is to do the business of the people in maintaining our democracy and our safety from domestic and foreign adversaries. Somewhere we have lost this focus and allowed government to slowly chip away at our freedoms.

Yesterday it was the Second Amendment, today it is what we can and cannot buy to eat on public property or public-sponsored events. What is next?

I and others who have served in our country's military have sacrificed too much in safeguarding our Constitution to allow even one liberty to be taken away in the name of the public good.

Those who have fought and died to preserve our democracy will not stand for liberals who feel it is OK to give up a few liberties for the greater good.

Fred Klonin, Columbia


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