Your post election analysis of the June 24th elections falls a little short on the mark ("On to November," Jun. 25). The Democratic and Republican candidates for governor who will be competing in the upcoming general election present the voters with a dismal choice. Neither Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown nor businessman Larry Hogan has the moral and ethical qualifications to serve as the next governor of the state of Maryland.

Keep in mind that Mr. Brown raised at millions of dollars in campaign contributions/bribes. As for Mr. Hogan, riding his father's coattails enabled him to buy the nomination with campaign contribution/bribes.


Therefore, it appears to me that come November, voters will have another excuse, once again, to not show up at the polls.

I believe your failure to properly cover my movement to bring about real, true ethical reform was a tremendous disservice to your readership. You deprived the readers from receiving a significant eye-opener into what needs to be done to start the process of getting rid of all the corruption and money in Maryland government; this realization might have propelled more people to cast their votes.

The concerted efforts of your political beat writers to promote the virtues of Mr. Brown, Attorney General Douglas Gansler and Del. Heather Mizeur demonstrated how irrelevant you have become to the voters of Maryland. For proof, just look at the fact that 80 percent of the voters decided not show up to cast their ballots. So shame on the Baltimore Sun.

My most recent vote total in the gubernatorial election is 3,092. These votes were obtained by ethical means on a specific budget of $450.

Per dollar I got more votes than either Mr. Brown, Mr. Gansler or Ms. Mizeur. More importantly, though, I would not trade my votes for all of the Brown-Gansler-Mizeur votes put together because my votes were obtained using "kosher' means. I would like to thank all of the people who had the courage to say enough is enough with corruption and let it be known it is time for ethical change.

Although the Jaffe movement did not win the war, we did win a battle. It's a victory that will advance the Jaffe movement into its next phase on the road to real, true ethical reform.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore


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