I'm running for governor, too

In your editorial "Time to take notice" (July 18), I took notice of a blatant omission.

For reasons which I really do not understand, while you mentioned the names of several potential candidates for governor in the 2014 elections, you left out my name.


Don't you good folks realize that I am the only candidate running for governor in 2014 who practices what he preaches?

I believe campaign contributions are nothing but disguised bribes. When I ran for governor in 2010 and for U.S. Senate in 2012, I spent a total of $730, which enabled me to receive ethically almost 23,000 votes. Per dollar, I received more votes than anyone running for public office.


Unlike other candidates mentioned in your editorial, who do take campaign contributions, and unlike those who are either paid career politicians or who desire to be ones, my goal in running for office is to enlighten your readership on just how wrong it is to be a paid opportunistic politician who really runs for his or her own personal gain.

It is these types of paid career politicians who have caused our communities in Maryland to be so messed up.

Don't you think it's about time that you give Ralph Jaffe's campaign a little more coverage, so that your readers will have an opportunity to compare his platform with those same old politicians who continue to shortchange their constituents?

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

The writer is a candidate for governor in 2014.