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The Sun is biased, unethical and hypocritical in coverage of Israeli-Palestinian conflict [Letter]

A rare and an unusual incident of an Arab boy who was beaten by Israeli police made it to the front page of The Baltimore Sun with the expected underlying criticism of Israel ("Teen reportedly beaten in Israel riot was born in Baltimore, family says," July 6). I would argue The Sun once again failed to provide honest and balanced reporting.

I haven't seen any thoughtful articles discussing constant rockets attacks from Gaza, on a daily basis, aimed to kill innocent citizens, and how America or any other country would handle such a constant threat on its citizens.


How about questioning the fact that the Palestinians still refuse to recognize Israel, teaching their young kids to hate Jews, and use the international funds to promote sophisticated propaganda against Israel, instead of improving its own peoples' lives? Why not mention Palestinians' ongoing incitements, claiming to "harvest the skulls of the Jews"?

The Palestinians had many opportunities to accept a proposal of "end of conflict" but refused. In fact, that there has never been a Palestinian state — in 1967, the surrounding Arab countries launched a war against Israel, and Gaza was conquered from Egypt and the West Bank from Jordan.


The history repeats itself. Stories about "bad" Jews are an attractive headline, much more so than stories about the massive abuse of human rights in Arab world and other part of the world.

As a reader of The Sun, I do not appreciate omitting key information, misrepresenting facts and skewing headlines.

Ziva Giliya, Timonium


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