Israel did not target civilians in Gaza

The op-ed "Palestinians Betrayed by Judge Goldstone" (April 18) by Laila El-Haddad, omits and/or distorts many pertinent facts. For example, why did the Israeli military forces embark on Operation Cast Lead? For eight years, the terrorists in Gaza (referred to as "militants") fired rockets and missiles into Israeli towns, populated by civilians, most of whom are children. Before Operation Cast Lead began, Israeli planes dropped leaflets to warn the Gazan civilian population of the forthcoming assault. The civilian population was told to move to safer areas, thereby avoiding and reducing civilian casualties.

In the referenced article, the author states that "1,400 Palestinians were dead and around 5,300 remained permanently wounded."

That means that 94 percent of the Gazans (including militants) were neither killed nor permanently injured. Judge Richard Goldstone was correct in revising his initial report, which stated that Israel intentionally targeted Palestinian civilians during the assault. Obviously, if Israel were targeting civilians, the death toll and the number of severely injured Gazans would have been considerably higher.

Bernard Siegel, Baltimore

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