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U.S. support for Israel is making Muslims hate America [Letter]

The United States should end all aid to Israel. When the Palestinians look up in the sky and see fighter jets and helicopters dropping bombs, they see America ("Israel strikes Gaza after militants resume rocket fire," Aug. 8).

Those illegal settlements? Built by the American taxpayer. The blockade that obstructs aid? Sponsored by American taxpayers.


It is no wonder that radical Muslims want to kill Americans. We are all in danger in this country mostly because the Israel lobby owns Washington.

It is one thing for America to kill radicalized Muslims in the war on terror. It's quite another for America to kill innocent children placed in harm's way.


That's not Israel dropping those bombs, it's America. The equipment is ours, the funding is ours. And eventually we will pay the price. It's just a matter of time.

Ken Hines, Towson


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