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No peace in Gaza until Hamas is defeated [Letter]

There is only one solution to the crisis in Gaza, and that is the complete destruction of Hamas and its replacement by a government dedicated to peaceful relations with its neighbors, including Israel ("The way forward in Gaza," July 25).

When Israel withdrew its forces from Gaza in late 2005, leaving productive greenhouses that would bolster the economy of that enclave, Gazans voted in the 2006 to establish Hamas as the ruling body, knowing full well the agenda of that terrorist organization. The choice was guns or butter, and the electorate of Gaza chose Hamas and guns.


The greenhouses were destroyed and Hamas chose confrontation with Israel instead of transforming Gaza into the Singapore of the region. Despite the choice, Israel daily sent in food, medicine and fuel as well as supplying electricity to Gaza. The borders were essentially open until Hamas' leaders made the decision to confront Israel militarily. Concrete was converted to military uses, rockets were acquired and a military industry started.

Attacks on Israel culminated in a reply in 2008, 2012 and now in 2014, with Israel still supplying food trucks, medical supplies and fuel, despite incessant rocket attacks during each period.


Gaza chose guns and not butter, guns designated for the destruction of the Jewish state. After hitting Israel with over 2,400 rockets and their own people with over 200 misfired rockets, there will be no peace until Hamas is removed from Gaza.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring


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