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Arabs will never accept Israel's right to exist [Letter]

It's disturbing that letter writers Ronda Cooperstein and Richard J. Ochs do not reflect on changing Palestinians rather than just the Jews ("Israel is a failed state that should be dismantled," July 22).

Here is a solution that would solve the problem but probably would offend Ms. Cooperstein and Mr. Ochs: Have the Israeli prime minister announce a Sept. 1 deadline for all Arabs to leave Israel.


After that date, they would be ferried to the closest border and pushed across forcibly.

Sounds terrible doesn't it? But that is exactly what the Palestinian Authority has announced insofar as its own state is concerned whenever it is created. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated publicly in English and in Arabic that there will be no Jews in an independent Palestine — what the Nazis called "Judenrein."


Yet no one has objected to Mr. Abbas' statement. In Syria and Iraq, the militant ISIS has forced Christians out under threat of death if they don't convert, but no one has objected to that either from what I read in the press.

Let's not forget France and Germany, where an influx of Muslims has created a terrorist threat for Jews living in those countries.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is not, and has never been, about land. It's about the fact that Muslims cannot abide the presence of Jews in their midst. For that matter, they don't much like Christians, Hindus, Mormons or any other religion either. What they object to is the fact that Israel exists at all, and they can't live with that.

Isidore Teitelbaum


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