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Misconceptions about Israel's war in Gaza [Letter]

Commentator Adil E. Shamoo's anti-Israel views are beyond ridiculous ("Israel's unjust war," Aug. 1).

Fact: Israel removed itself from Gaza a decade ago, and even tore down settlements. How is this occupation?


Israel was rewarded by Palestinians importing weaponry and cement for "homicide tunnels."

Fact: Israel has engaged in peace negotiations with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, but unfortunately, Mr. Abbas has no influence with Hamas.


Fact: Hamas places no value on the lives of its own citizens, since it launches rockets from heavily populated areas of Gaza.

Mr. Shamoo thinks that Israel wants a "greater Israel with no Palestinian state"? He must be kidding. Consider also that that pretty much every Palestinian political document calls for the destruction of Israel and for pushing all Jews into the sea.

Finally, I note the call for "proportionality" in this war. I have never heard of such a thing except as it applies to Israel, and I hope that our U.S. armed forces pay no attention to this new doctrine.

Jeff Schumer, Baltimore


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