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Iron Dome is a failure [Letter]

It was not a surprise to see "'Iron Dome' worth the aid" (July 21). However, Robert Pines, as far as I can tell, has no expertise in the matter of Iron Dome. And further, he tries mistakenly to justify the goodness of U.S. foreign aid by promoting military assistance to Israel.

The Baltimore Sun should have published instead "Iron Dome: the Public Relations Weapon" by John Mecklin, published July 10 in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Iron Dome is a weapons system coming out of the long-discredited concept of missile defense. The Pentagon spent billions of tax dollars on missile defense only to realize its total failure.


Mr. Mecklin rightfully highlighted a July 9 NPR interview with Ted Postol of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a missile defense expert: "It — my guess is maybe [it hits a targeted missile] 5 percent of the time — could be even lower." And: "... the Iron Dome has no chance, for all practical purposes, of destroying the artillery rocket."

The Hamas rockets are primitive, relatively small and quite inaccurate. But the Israeli propaganda machine wants to demonize Hamas as a highly sophisticated terrorist organization. One way of doing that is to claim the miraculous Iron Dome has saved the people from these savage attacks. The other side of the coin is to take attention away from the massive number of civilians killed and wounded by the Israeli military.


What Israel is doing to the Palestinian civilians is a massive war crime. Any acts of terror by Hamas must be condemned but pale compared to the might of the occupying force. Our government must cut off all aid to Israel due to its abysmal human rights record.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore


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