Readers Respond

Kamenetz shouldn't pick a fight with Annapolis he can't win

In light of Baltimore County's crumbling sewers, buckling streets, unusable bike lanes and patched-up underground pipework, it would seem ill-advised for a Democratic Party hack to challenge the state appropriations committee and the governor by rejecting window air-conditioning units for county schools and insisting on central air conditioning instead ("State board withholds city, county school money over air conditioning dispute," May 11).

I spent 1961-1973 in the Philadelphia public school system, which had no AC. I am sensitive to students, teachers and the electronic devices that need cooling. But ignoring the political leadership of Annapolis will have lasting ramifications that will lead to bicycle accidents, injuries and deaths.


County Executive Kevin Kamenetz's stance is very shortsighted and overlooks the greater good of Baltimore County in general and its school system in particular. Nor does his arrogance with the State House benefit a county and state that purports to be bike-friendly.

Baltimore City is no better, but its issues are bigger and more dire. Even the aesthetically pleasing work done on Roland Avenue for bike lanes is not designed well and clearly did not solicit cyclists' input but at least an earnest attempt was made.


Triple A bond ratings and intimate relationships (country club schmoozing) with developers and general contractors [perhaps central A/C contractors?] are important for a county executive's resume and influence but should not supersede the commonweal of his county's citizens, of which bicyclists and school children are an equally important part.

How ironic and hypocritical that House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Mike Miller would condemn action by the Board of Public Works and the governor as political partisanship when they were instrumental in the obstructing former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s projects.

Mr. Kamenetz needs to practice his political gamesmanship to get funds for asphalt repair to areas like the Towson loop, Dulaney Valley road, Old Bosley road, York road from the circle north, to name just a few.

Maybe the Senate president could skip a year or two of re-paving the Beltway and help his fellow Democrats in Baltimore County with their deteriorated roads. I understand it is not very glorious and noteworthy but we are in critical need.

Good access roads and safe bike paths will encourage more investment for businesses to expand and for people to live in areas of the county that will garner increased tax revenues.

Charles Chaban, Towson