I'm a senior citizen, and I'm proud of my country. I believe in the rule of law and expect it to be upheld. I'm appalled that President Barack Obama is not only permitting the invasion of our Southern border, he's also asking taxpayers fund this abomination ("Border crisis funding sought," July 9).

U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee. It would be nice if she noticed this violation of our sovereignty and the dangerous alarm of American citizens feel about national security. President Obama's request for $3.7 billion must be denied!


America may be the nation of immigrants, but we are not a nation of criminal, illegal migrants. Every one of those 52,000-plus children and their parents knew they were breaking the law when they overpowered the Border Patrol. This is not "immigration," it is not even "illegal immigration," it is an assault on the United States of America.

We have the most powerful military on the planet, so why can't we prevent this atrocity? No doubt members of al-Qaida and their ilk are watching and taking notes. We have a Department of Homeland Security that coddles these criminals and demands communities around the country fund the feeding, medical care, education and well-being of folks who have no right to be here.

Any country that cannot defend its borders won't be a country for long. The media has been muzzled along with the medical professionals who treat these illegal migrants, why? Apparently, the White House doesn't want us to know about the serious illnesses that are fellow travelers with the illegal migrants. It's time the American people said loudly and clearly, Enough! After all, we have our rights too. We have a Constitution and, although shredded, we still trust the social contract.

I worked for Mr. Obama. I sent considerable funds to his campaign and I voted for him twice. Right now, I am sickened by his contempt for U.S. citizens. I'm alarmed our commander-in-chief has no interest in our welfare. If this criminal situation at the border becomes "business as usual," it's clear the U.S. has a death wish! I won't be around much longer, but I fear for future generations. They will rightfully excoriate today's citizenry if we do not stop the surge at the border and take measures to protect our country and its future.

Roz Heid, Baltimore


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