I am troubled by admissions made by the Howard County Board of Education's chairwoman to this newspaper in a recent letter to the editor ("Howard board right to censure Vaillancourt over condom remark," Oct. 14). It disturbs me that, according to Chairwoman Ellen Flynn Giles, three adult female board members sat by silently while another adult board member allegedly sexually harassed a student board member. If this actually happened, then there are at least four adult school board members who ignored "the sacred trust and confidence reposed in them by the voters," and all four board members should be censured.

Obviously, it is inconceivable that four adult board members would engage in or permit willful sexually harassment of a student board member. The chairwomen's tale is not credible. I served and dined with the current board majority for four years, and I am certain that none of them would sit by quietly if any student was being harassed. Indeed, silence is not common for any of them at any time.


The malicious charges being made by the board majority against Cynthia Vaillancourt have nothing to do with sexual harassment and everything to do with abusing the authority of the Board of Education by maliciously interfering with the electoral process.

Fortunately, the voters of Howard County get to elect a majority of the board of education in a couple of weeks.

I served two years on the Board of Education with Ms. Vaillancourt, and I hope to serve another four years with her. If you plan on voting for me, please vote for her as well. We desperately need a new board majority.

Allen Dyer, Ellicott City

The writer is a candidate for the Howard County Board of Education.


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