Howard developer's campaign contributions are cause for concern [Letter]

Jon Weinstein, the District 1 Democratic candidate for the Howard County Council, tried to reassure the voting public that "nobody should be concerned" about the $9,000 in contributions linked to developer Don Reuwer ("Howard developer uses 'LLC loophole' on Weinstein finance report," Sept. 4).

I am most certainly not reassured. Learning that the Reuwer contributions constitute more than 16 percent of Mr. Weinstein's fundraising total makes me highly skeptical. Learning that another 38 percent comes from PACs (including the Home Builders PAC of Howard County and the police, fire and teachers' unions whose members will benefit from County Council votes) heightens my concern.


Am I being overly suspicious? Or has Mr. Weinstein forgotten that Howard County residents have the highest level of education in the state? We know our history and follow current events.

Both point to a long list of "favors" to developers that result in overcrowded schools, traffic paralysis and even the disinterment of pets and people from Rosa Bonheur.

Voters can stop the decline in the quality of life in Howard County. I only wish I could help stop Courtney Watson's legacy of capitulation to developers' desires by denying Mr. Weinstein her vacated council seat.

Kevin Schmidt, who is challenging Mr. Weinstein for the seat, understands that accepting funds from people who can benefit from the decisions council members make is wrong. That I find reassuring.

Susan Garber, Laurel


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