Needed: family-friendly school calendars

Post-Labor Day start is great but what about all those school holidays?

As a working single parent, it's difficult enough to get my children to and from school every day with my work schedule. That task is made nearly impossible by arbitrary days off, sometimes in the middle of the week, and extended holiday and spring breaks, which is why I support Gov. Larry Hogan for finally bringing some predictability to my children's school schedule ("Labor Day madness," Aug. 30).

When schools have administrative days off or require parent-teacher conferences to be done during the school day, I am often forced to miss work, which hurts my ability to provide for my children, or on the flip side, I struggle to find child care at the last minute.

I hope that school boards will work with parents for a change when they create their new calendars to ensure they make sense for students and families as well as teachers and school administrators.

Briana Capuano, Lusby

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