Readers Respond

Private schools can't discriminate

I support Gov. Larry Hogan's Education Tax Credit proposal and reject the claim by the ACLU's Sara Love that all non-public schools discriminate ("Keep public funds out of private schools," April 8).

All non-public schools that receive federal funds are bound by Title VI of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which together prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin and gender.


Virtually all non-public schools receive some form of federal funding, from Department of Homeland Security funds to the National School Lunch Program, and all must follow the applicable state anti-discrimination laws as well.

Ms. Love reports a few instances of children and teachers who were the victims of discriminatory acts. However, the Maryland Commission on Human Rights has never received a complaint. Ms. Love's description of discrimination against a child based on national origin clearly would be illegal, and the child would have legal recourse in the federal courts.


While it is true that Maryland's legislature decided to exempt religious institutions — but not other private schools — from some state anti-discrimination laws, that was the choice of the legislature, not the schools. Ms. Love's claim that there is no legal recourse for children and teachers who are discriminated against in private schools is simply false.

School choice is good for Maryland, and so is Governor Hogan's proposal. It will provide additional choices and options for our children that will help all of our young people succeed, including those who choose to remain in the public school system.

It lets parents who otherwise would not be able to afford non-public education to choose the best education for children. As a taxpayer, a mother and a proud supporter of a strong public and nonpublic schools in Maryland, I applaud Mr. Hogan for supporting this important tax credit.

Elizabeth A. Green

The writer is vice chair of the Baltimore Jewish Council Government Relations Commission.