Ocean City just lost my business

Why should the tail of Ocean City's summer season wag the dog of public education?

In mandating a post-Labor Day start date for Maryland schools, Gov. Larry Hogan has once again demonstrated his arrogance and short-sightedness ("Spring break could be cut," Sept. 2). He cites increased family time as one of the reasons behind his plundering of the school calendar, but as a parent of two, I consider Thanksgiving, winter break and spring break to be not only equally valuable opportunities for family time but also much needed respites throughout the school year. To think that those breaks will now have to be shortened just to extend an already lengthy summer is preposterous. And call me crazy, but I'd also like for my children's teachers to have opportunities for professional development — days that might also face the chopping block with a post-Labor Day start date.

I deeply resent the governor for impacting my family's additional opportunities for family time throughout the year just to benefit Ocean City businesses at the end of the summer. That resentment carries over to those Ocean City businesses as well. I am now less likely to take my family there on vacation than I was before. Congratulations, Governor Hogan, at least for my household, your mandate has resulted in the exact opposite of what you intended.

Brigitte Jacobson, Baltimore City

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