Readers Respond

Hogan should stand his ground

I strongly disagree with the premise of your recent editorial "Hogan's choice" (April 14).

The piece claims that Gov. Larry Hogan must compromise with Democratic lawmakers in Annapolis or risk being a one-term governor. That's baloney.


Compromising with the Democrats in Annapolis is actually a sure road to defeat for Mr. Hogan in the next election.

While safely tucked into their gerrymandered districts, House Speaker Michael E. Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller have let Mr. Hogan know in no uncertain terms how things will be going forward: Either he does their bidding or they unleash their attack dogs in the teachers' and state employees' unions to denounce Mr. Hogan as an evil Republican who wants to hurt the state's children, teachers and workers.


But if Mr. Hogan doesn't stand his ground and do what the majority of voters elected him to do, the Democrats will continue to spend above our means and eventually force Mr. Hogan to raise taxes to cover their expenditures. That's their endgame.

The Sun editorial board will then point that Mr. Hogan went back on his promise to the people as it endorses a Democrat — surprise! — against Mr. Hogan in 2018.

In this no-win situation, it's better for Mr. Hogan to stand on his principles and do what the people of the state elected him to do. No one expected change to come easily to the state; you have to stand and fight to do what's right. If Mr. Hogan stands his ground, I believe even more people will support him in the next election.

Mark Wilson, Fallston