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Moms want answers from Hogan on guns

Despite gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan's public flip-flopping on guns and the Maryland Firearms Safety Act — he must have some of a stance on guns. He completed a questionnaire for National Rifle Association that earned him an "A-" rating from the Washington gun lobby ("NRA endorses Hogan, and Brown campaign spreads the news," Oct. 21).

On Tuesday, I went to Mr. Hogan's campaign headquarters with several other Maryland mothers and their children. We delivered a letter asking Mr. Hogan to release his NRA questionnaire and answer simple questions about, if elected governor, what he will do to keep our families safe from gun violence. We have vowed to return to his office every Tuesday until Election Day or until we get an answer.


Mr. Hogan's lack of transparency is confusing. This past week was no exception. A Hogan campaign staffer posted a video showing his opponent, Lt. Gov. Brown, and his son at a shooting range on the Moms Demand Action Facebook Page the night we delivered the letter. This video not only further evades answering our questions, but it also distorts the issues. We support the right of Mr. Brown, a veteran of the Iraq War, to teach his son responsible gun ownership.

I am a Maryland voter — a constituent. I have no interest in outlawing guns. Instead, I want to know where candidates stand on comprehensive background checks for all gun sales and keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Why should the NRA have more information about your stance on guns than I?


Moms are actively supporting candidates — like Anthony Brown for governor and Brian Frosh for attorney general — who have a record of leading on gun sense. We owe our children and ourselves a world where we don't have to live by lockdown. And Larry Hogan owes voters his honest response on where he stands on guns and safety.

Elizabeth Banach, Columbia

The writer is a volunteer with the Maryland Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.


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