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Hogan an environmental governor? Not if you like to breathe clean air

Larry Hogan only counts as an environmental governor for those who don't breathe.

The article "Chesapeake Bay's surprising wins" (April 15) pointed out several key victories for environmental legislation coming out of the 2015 legislative session. This isn't surprising considering our newly elected governor, Larry Hogan, has promised to be the "best environmental governor that's ever served."

But what about those air pollution curbs that Mr. Hogan yanked as soon as he took office? Well, as we found out shortly after the legislative session, those curbs will not be put in place. Instead the Maryland Department of Energy will be replacing those with regulations that will "provide flexibility to support the economy and protect jobs" ("Hogan issues new smog-fighting rule with "flexibility" for coal plants," April 17).

Meanwhile, the citizens of Maryland are left to contend with the effects of the fallout from coal fired power plants as they continue to spew tons of toxic, asthma-causing gases into the air we breathe. The new administration seems to be attempting to reinvent the wheel on this issue while protecting the economic interests of a few at the great expense of the many. If Mr. Hogan is serious about being the best environmental governor that's ever served, then perhaps he should permanently reinstate those clean air regulations that he removed when he took office.

Bill Deysher, Parkville

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