Getting to the bottom of Russian hacking

Did Russia hack the election?

Sen. Benjamin Cardin deserves tremendous thanks for introducing legislation that would establish a thorough, independent investigation into Russian tampering in the U.S presidential race and its possible role in the election of Donald Trump.

Our 17 top intelligence agencies reported that Russia has launched a sustained campaign of disinformation attacks against our country, in addition to the widely acknowledged cyber-hacking.


I don't know whether President Trump is "compromised" in the traditional espionage sense of the word. But he and his administration are complicit in using the same disinformation techniques, and much of the same misleading content, as Russia.

The pervasive propaganda aims to destabilize our political center and empower extremists, undermining progress toward a more just, peaceful and compassionate country.

I never expected that our country would experience a sophisticated, anti-democracy disinformation campaign. But clearly the attack is well underway and dangerous propaganda now permeates our political culture.

I never expected to face an autocratic presidential administration, but now Mr. Trump and his associates occupy the White House, heavily complicit in the disinformation campaign.

We need this investigation as a top priority. Thanks to Senator Cardin for moving us in the right direction.

Doug Heifetz, Silver Spring