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Hogan offers economic opportunity [Letter]

Recently, the Maryland Republican Party released a poll that showed Larry Hogan trailing Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown by only 3 points statewide in the race for governor. In the same week, Mr. Brown and his campaign launched an attack ad on Mr. Hogan in an attempt to undermine this increasingly competitive competition.

The ad attacks Mr. Hogan on his support for lowering taxes on business. This is a very strange attack considering business tax reform would make Maryland far more competitive with our neighboring states. The past seven years under Mr. Brown's leadership has been tough for Marylanders with over 10,000 businesses and 30,000 individuals leaving our state. Now more then ever, we need leaders who support lowering taxes, not raising them. Following the O'Malley/Brown administration's decision to increase taxes over 40 consecutive times, Mr. Hogan's view on lowering taxes is very refreshing.


As a University of Maryland student, the price of college tuition is very important to me. In the ad, Mr. Brown's campaign outright lies about Mr. Hogan's stance on raising college tuition claiming that he has supported it. Mr. Hogan has never supported raising tuition costs. However, the same thing cannot be said about Mr. Brown. During my four years as a Terrapin under the O'Malley/Brown leadership, my tuition has gone up each and every year, not to mention the skyrocketing increases that have occurred in university fees. The only governor candidate who backed these increases is the lieutenant governor.

This election offers an exciting opportunity for Maryland voters to choose between two good people who are two very different candidates. As a millennial voter, I am supporting the candidate who will make Maryland a destination for private sector employment once again — Larry Hogan.


When picking your choice for governor, I encourage you to look past the rhetoric and into the candidate's records. Mr. Brown has a record of driving business and jobs out of Maryland by supporting harmful regulations while Mr. Hogan has brought thousands of jobs to Maryland through his small business. Mr. Brown has increased taxes over 40 times, Mr. Hogan has promised to work to repeal them. Taxpayers deserve a leader who will govern in the mainstream. Mr. Hogan offers a real opportunity to "Change Maryland" while Mr. Brown offers more of the same failed leadership.

Joshua Stonko, College Park


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