Mizeur best pick for governor [Letter]

Committed to leaving no one behind, Democrats Heather Mizeur and Delman Coates present goals and pathways that far outshine those of their opponents. Delegate Mizeur and Mr. Coates both have track records of bringing people together around priorities that will improve lives and outcomes. This team also has a unique determination to halt foreclosures until there is a determination that the homeowner was not swindled. Maryland has one of the highest rates of foreclosures in the country and foreclosed homes can remain vacant for years. This team will roll back recently enacted tax cuts for the most affluent and close corporate tax loopholes to pay for clean energy options and job training, a true win-win. So is their pre-K proposal to eliminate learning gaps.

Demonstrated priorities of the other candidates pale in comparison. Attorney General Doug Gansler's understanding of environmental issues is to develop questionably clean energy using chicken poop from inhumane and unsanitary confined feeding animal operations that the Sierra Club has said should be shut down. He also failed to aid swindled homeowners or hold the crooks accountable. Mr. Gansler was also incorrect when he stated in a debate that marijuana has been illegal in this country for more than a hundred years. The U.S. government declared marijuana dangerous in 1939 and demanded that all cannabis remedies in the U.S. pharmacopeia be removed by 1941 despite protests from the American Medical Association that those were "medicines in good standing."

The legacy of the administration of Gov. Martin O'Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown includes the environmentally and economically devastating InterCounty Connector, a gift to a campaign contributor that was funded with state money and junk bonds. Three federal agencies refused to grant permits or funding because of the destruction of pristine and sensitive natural resources. A small forest was taken through eminent domain that was then destroyed to create an artificial wetlands to compensate for destroying a natural (and irreplaceable) wetlands. There was a dishonest trade with Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission trees not slated for removal for trees that were removed (possibly in the thousands). Turtles moved to the WSSC site did not survive.

In addition, for those who like the idea of state troopers spying on the Quakers, investing in prisons rather than prevention and traveling to India to beg for jobs, then Mr. Brown is your guy. He and Governor O'Malley invested millions of dollars in REAL ID, a national database Americans have historically rejected as too totalitarian and participated in Secure Communities, a real misnomer that also trashes our Constitution and diverts resources from domestic needs.

For more good reasons to support the Mizeur-Coates gubernatorial team, see heathermizeur.com.

Alyce Ortuzar, Ashton

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