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Kasich is the problem-solver

Why not vote for the GOP candidate who actually runs effective government?

After eight years of President Barack Obama's failed leadership, Republicans have a clear sense of what is going wrong in our country. Millions of jobs lost in the Great Recession still haven't returned. Government is bigger and costlier than ever before. Our politics are gridlocked, as Congress dithers and President Obama grabs unprecedented presidential power.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have correctly identified many of the issues we face. Unfortunately, neither Mr. Trump nor Senator Cruz has any record of actually fixing these problems. Donald Trump is all sizzle and no steak, offering almost no explanation of how he'll fulfill his extravagant promises. Mr. Cruz says many of the right things, but — aside from a failed government shutdown — has almost no accomplishments to show for his four years in Washington.

Fortunately, Republicans have a better choice. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has a track record of actually fixing problems that other candidates just talk about. As a governor, he has cut taxes by nearly $5 billion and led his state to create over 400,000 jobs. And as a congressman, he led the House Budget Committee to balance the federal budget. Unlike his opponents, Mr. Kasich can actually beat Hillary Clinton. The last 16 opinion polls show him winning handily.

On April 26, Maryland Republicans should vote for the candidate who can win in November and solve our toughest challenges.

Jules Szanton, Baltimore

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