Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson gives details about the hours-long standoff and eventual shooting between the police and Korryn Gaines on Monday, August 1, 2016. (Kim Hairston & Amy Davis, Baltimore Sun video)

Korryn Gaines is yet another clear example of the duplicity that is the liberal narrative on race in America ("Korryn Gaines advice to her son regarding police: 'You fight them,'" Aug. 9). It's a narrative propagandized by the Democratic National Committee and wholeheartedly disseminated by their mainstream media toadies for the purpose of pandering to the monolithic African American vote. Ultimately, the narrative also instigates a systemic racism in the black community which is at the heart of much of the community's dysfunction. Dysfunction most notably fueling a war in the streets between the community and law enforcement that must be laid at the feet of Democrats and the liberal media.

Hypocrisy is not uncommon in the realm of propaganda, a basic tenant of which is to paint an opponent or surrogate with the evil you yourself are guilty of. In this case, the liberal narrative blames whites, the police and society in general for a systemic racism against blacks and extrapolates such racism as a primary reason for many of the black community's ills.


The steady drumbeat of this narrative and the almost religious fever by which the DNC nurtures the narrative's all important hook on black voters results in the African American animosity and downright hate evident in the Korryn Gaines story, as well as the Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown incidents.

CNN made Trayvon Martin appear small, young and certainly innocent of anything like the black gangsta persona demonstrated in his social media posts. Liberal media also pushed to have Trayvon's less than stellar school disciplinary record and aberrant social media posts suppressed. Subsequent testimony revealed Trayvon asked George Zimmerman, "Do you have a problem with me? Well you do now." Then he proceeded to try to beat Mr. Zimmerman to death, resulting in his being shot by Mr. Zimmerman in self-defense.

The liberal media honed in on the video of the police takedown of Eric Garner. Earlier moments captured in the video are ignored. Earlier moments show a white officer, obviously smaller in stature than Garner, and Garner's obvious disdain, to the point of threatening resistance, for complying with a little white boy in authority.

Michael Brown, fresh off of his strong-arm assault and robbery of a convenience store owner, was feeling unassailable in the presence of his hoodlum buddy and in no mood to take any authority from a white cop asking him to move out of the middle of the road.

In all of these instances, it is clear who had hate in their hearts.

Liberals' latest favorite signal phraseology is "the talk," as in, "every black parent must have the talk with their children regarding interactions with the police." As a son of white second generation immigrant parents, I too heard the talk. Father told me when he was young, police patrolling at the Broadway Market would chase him and his buddies off if they were seen loitering in the market with no apparent reason to be there. The cops' use of physical encouragement for the boys to not be seen hanging around was not uncommon and indeed likely, if the youngsters were unwisely insolent. But rather than demonizing the police, my father quickly added, "We knew better than go home and tell our parents what the cops had done, because we would have gotten worse from our fathers."

I wonder if "the talk" imparted to Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown included encouragements to aspire beyond a gangster lifestyle, an understanding of civil behavior, or admonitions against theft and thuggery. Or did they resemble Korryn Gaines telling her son (as reported by The Sun), "You see what they do to us, right? You fight them. They are not for us. They want to kill us, and you never, ever back down from them."

Dennis Peltz