Frosh nailed it: Ratepayers will be worse off after an Exelon-Pepco merger

Smart meters are a scam the attorney general Frosh also needs to look at

I just want to give a shout-out to state Attorney General Brian Frosh for his strongly worded brief urging the Maryland Public Service Commission to deny Exelon's proposed merger with Pepco ("Frosh urges PSC to reject Exelon-Pepco merger," March 5).

Mr. Frosh argues that ratepayers would not be "better off" for the deal and that "the only significant benefits accrue to Exelon and [Pepco] shareholders and corporate officers, not the state of Maryland or Maryland customers."

Now, if the citizens of Maryland could only get the office of the attorney general to weigh in on the smart meter "greenwash" scam being perpetrated on us by Exelon. Every statement against the merger also applies to company's smart meters, which are simply a bill of goods that policymakers have bought — or been bought by.

The PSC is allowing utilities to recover costs of the smart meter deployment up front with four years of successive rate increases instead of the usual process of infrastructure improvements being funded through cost recovery fees after the fact.

There has been scant justification for the smart meter costs that are partly already funded with taxpayer money through the stimulus. Opt out fees have been openly admitted as penalties and received a mere "snapshot" justification. Furthermore, badly needed improvements to existing infrastructure are being ignored in favor of "smart" meters.

Our previous attorney general was too busy running for governor to be interested in one of the largest consumer rip offs in Maryland. I'm hopeful Mr. Frosh will at least seriously look into Exelon's other money-making scheme, which very soon is going to rear its ugly head through the use of smart meters — and all in the name of greenhouse gas reduction, which isn't going to happen.

Ratepayers will simply be charged more per kilowatt hour as we struggle to conform and ultimately realize very little savings in energy costs, or money in our wallets.

Lynn Beiber, Bowie

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