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PSC should reject Exelon's proposed merger with Pepco [Letter]

Do we really want 85 percent of Maryland's electric market in the hands of one company?

In response to Maryland Science Center CEO Van R. Reiner's recent letter, I'm happy that the science center is benefiting from its partnership with Exelon, but for me that's not the issue ("Exelon has been a good partner," Oct. 8).

As a BGE customer, I don't want one company controlling 85 percent of Maryland's electrical system. It doesn't take a genius to see that any company with that kind of power (pardon the pun) can do just about anything it wants when it comes to raising rates.

It also sounds like putting more of our power needs in the hands of Exelon could require Maryland rate payers to foot the bill for extremely expensive upgrades to nuclear power plants. I'd say Exelon already controls plenty of power in this area. Giving it more is a terrible idea.

I'm glad Exelon is doing great work in the community and I hope it continues. I would also like to think they don't need more of our money to continue being good partners.

The Maryland Public Service Commission should reject Exelon's proposed merger with Pepco merger for the sake of the Maryland residents who are their main responsibility, not the science center.

Gerry Fey, Towson

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