Congress needs to get moving on climate change legislation

Fresh off the hottest decade on record, it's a relief to know that the judicial system has upheld the Environmental Protection Agency's right to limit the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change ("EPA's climatic victory," June 28).

As a Millennial and an aunt, I'm deeply anxious about the future and I long for a bold transition to a clean-energy economy before it's too late. This ruling will help spur that transition.

While it is, as you state, "hard to believe a politically gridlocked Congress is capable of taking appropriate action," we can't let lawmakers off the hook. Sixty-three percent Americans think the U.S. should take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gases. Congress needs to hear our voices on this issue.

Passing a bill that put a price tag on carbon emissions, such as Rep. Pete Stark's Save Our Climate Act, would show that our country is ready to take a leadership role on the most important challenge our planet faces today.

Erica Flock,Washington, D.C.

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