Vote for the best mayor

Are Embry supporters afraid to vote for her because it might help Dixon?

I was campaigning for Elizabeth Embry for mayor last weekend and was surprised to hear several people say, "I think Embry is the best candidate, but I may have to vote for Catherine Pugh to prevent Sheila Dixon from winning." Earlier that day, I received a flier in the mail from "Friends for Sheila Dixon" claiming that "illegal money is funneling into Catherine Pugh's campaign."

Ms. Dixon, of course, resigned from office after a jury convicted her of embezzlement while she was mayor. It seems as if her campaign is trying to level the playing field between Senator Pugh and Ms. Dixon on the question of which of them is guilty of more criminal activity.

Baltimore can be better than this. Voters don't need to choose between Ms. Pugh and Ms. Dixon. If Elizabeth Embry's the best candidate, vote for her and, win or lose, you'll have a clear conscience on April 26.

Frank Morgan, Baltimore

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