A memorable aphorism reminds us that while politicians too often think only about the next election, "statesmen think about the next generation."

I consider these words each time I vote, and they were at the forefront of my mind when I was considering whom to support in this year's Baltimore City mayoral primary.


I have had the pleasure of knowing or working with nearly every front-running mayoral candidate. Whether serving as the chair of the city's Youth Commission or student commissioner on the city's School Board, I have heard what they say they'll do and seen what they have actually done. I firmly believe we will need a candidate who will be able to connect with everyone, and I believe Sen. Catherine E. Pugh is that candidate.

Of all the people running, Senator Pugh is the only one who has served as a legislator at the city and state level, where she currently serves as Senate majority leader. She is also president of the National Conference of Black State Legislators and a member of the President Barack Obama's Task Force on Police Reform, which will be an asset for her in reforming Baltimore City's Police Department if she becomes mayor.

She's not a politician worrying about polls, she's a proven statesman, having successfully passed nearly 200 pieces of legislation in the General Assembly. She genuinely cares about the next generation of Baltimoreans and understands that Baltimore's children are not only 100 percent of the city's future, but also of its present:

I am tired of people ranting about the worst of Baltimore and what the city cannot be and what it will not be. Ms. Pugh has a vision for better jobs and safer streets that will take this city forward. I support Catherine Pugh for mayor because she is experienced and ready to lead Baltimore City in this pivotal moment. I trust her integrity, and I trust her competence.

Anyone who knows anything about effective governing will tell you that you have to have the respect of people, their trust, and a great working relationship with them. Ms. Pugh has proven that she has those things time and time again.

Cody L. Dorsey, Baltimore

The writer is a member of the Maryland After-School and Summer Opportunity Fund Advisory Board.