Readers Respond

Ehrlich gets the facts wrong, again

Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. strikes again ("Nervous Obama takes refuge in his base," Aug. 26) in a column where he chooses to present falsehood and half-truths as fact.

Economic growth is anemic, but he states that $5 trillion in new debt is the cause of the credit downgrade and holds President Barack Obama as the cause of that. However, at the time of the decision, Standard and Poors stated the fault resided with Congress for holding the country hostage and on the brink of default.


He then goes on to say that young people vote for President Obama because he is "hip and charismatic" and here they can't get jobs and "students are in debt purgatory." Again, that would be his tea party Republicans in Congress in action. They have fought to do nothing to help college students unless handed more tax deductions for their rich benefactors.

Republicans like to say Democrats are making a mountain out of a mole hill when it comes to the "war on women." Mr. Ehrlich may claim Democrats are playing the abortion card, but that, sir, would not even be an issue if women were not finding out what your party is pushing in states all across our country. Taking funding away from Planned Parenthood which is designed to help women of lower income with their health needs, even cancer, all to push religious beliefs in exchange for women's health. They are trying to keep it difficult for women to afford contraception and forcing women to have children even in the case of incest and rape.


"Finally, take Sandra Fluke," he says. I say hardly anyone would even have ever heard of Ms. Fluke if it were not for the foul statements from the tea party Republicans' beloved Rush Limbaugh.

He rants about unions, and some may have their faults or need improvements, but they protect us against corrupt corporations — the kind that give their CEOs millions of dollars in bonuses on top of their millions of dollars in pay. Our country was made stronger by union fighting to protect middle class workers.

Mr. Ehrlich states that President Obama will need historic African-American turnout especially in swing states such as Pennsylvania where Republicans approved a voter ID requirement in order to hand the presidency to Mitt Romney. Shame on Mr. Ehrlich and the GOP for making false claims and outright lies about non-existing voter fraud. Instead, the "new" Republican Party will be stopping millions of legal voters from exercising their right to vote.

He finishes off with "Hope and change are now replaced with aggressive ads and intense partisanship" and an "us vs. them" narrative." Wow, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black.

Mari Sears, Crownsville