Bob 'Party Hack' Ehrlich no Ron Smith

How much longer is The Sun going to provide a weekly platform to the self-defined chairman of the Maryland Romney for President campaign?Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. lists this in his bona fides at the bottom of his column, which should preclude him from space in a newspaper. You are giving the Mitt Romney campaign prime space weekly to expound and expand on their message.

When you chose to give Mr. Ehrlich space that was once the home of Ron Smith, a dedicated conservative but not a party hack, we had hopes Mr. Ehrlich would continue in his predecessor's tradition. He has turned his space into a weekly bash Barack Obama and his administration platform and nothing more. Ron Smith would not be too proud of that. He was a true America-first person, even if you did not always agree with him. Mr. Ehrlich is a party hack in the Newt Gingrich tradition and does not deserve a weekly platform to spew half-truths and campaign rhetoric.

Since Mr. Ehrlich's column will not be removed, I suggest you give the same amount of space on a weekly basis to the chair of the Obama for President campaign. Why should Mr. Romney to able to use your newspaper and not the incumbent?

Jonathan E. Kollin, Baltimore

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