Political correctness is killing American schools

Political correctness is killing American schools.

It's ironic that you placed two articles on education side by side on The Sun's op-ed page on Nov. 22. The first one, written by Jonathan David Farley ("Urban schools will fail if disruptive students remain" deals with the negative impact a couple of disruptive students can have by wasting classroom time for all of the other students. His point is that two or three students can derail a classroom learning environment into a state of chaos where little, if any, learning is possible. His conclusion is that disruptive students have to be removed from the classroom for the good of the rest of the class. To be politically correct and insist that teachers must tolerate and "include" disruptive students is the real crime.

The second article, written by Kalman R. Hettleman ("A Trump administration won't be good for equality in education") is a politically correct diatribe that touts current federal policy in glowing terms and laments how that may be threatened by President-elect Donald Trump's policy.

The fact is that we've had years of political correctness and inclusion (and classroom chaos) that only serves to reduce the learning environment to the lowest common denominator, which is very evident in our testing results. Our current out-of-touch education hierarchy seems to be living in an idealistic bubble. Hopefully, Mr. Trump's notion of school choice may liberate millions of students now trapped in politically correct, dysfunctional classrooms.

Wally Hoff, Ellicott City

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