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Dongarra not a 'one-issue' candidate [Letter]

Democratic state House candidate Rebecca Dongarra advocates efficiency and transparency in local government. She is definitely not a one-issue candidate ("Observations of District 12 race by UMBC political science professor," June 18).

My husband I have lived in Baltimore County's District 12 in for more than 40 years, and we ran a small business in Howard County for 30 years. Our three children attended public schools and continue to live in Baltimore County. We believe Rebecca is the candidate for delegate in District 12 that best represents us.


As a business owner, she understands the challenges faced by Maryland small business. As a mother of three children who attend public schools in the district, she is committed to supporting middle-class families.

Her degree in biology from St. Mary's College enables her to understand the environmental science of the Chesapeake Bay. She was raised in Howard County and has lived in Baltimore County for 20 years.


What she doesn't have is the support of big money and the party regulars. When she is elected, she will fight for citizens, not for special interests. She deserves our vote on June 24. A vote for Rebecca is a vote for the best interests of all of us.

Gina Hrybyk, Relay


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