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Democrats side with foreigners

In DHS funding, do you side with the Constitution or with illegal immigrants?

Democrats are telling Republicans to put the American people first and pass a clean Department of Homeland Security funding bill because Democratic senators will not accept anything other than a clean bill ("Congress OKs deal to avoid shutdown at Homeland Security," Feb. 27). Republicans say they can't pass a clean DHS funding bill because President Barack Obama's executive action on illegal immigration is clearly unconstitutional and they must not endorse a policy which violates their oath of office. So who has the stronger argument?

The Republicans are putting fidelity to the Constitution ahead of passing a clean DHS funding bill. The Democrats are putting foreigners who either crossed the border illegally or overstayed their visas ahead of passing a DHS funding bill which puts limits on President Obama's unconstitutional executive action on illegal immigrants.

The Democrats act like putting limits on Mr. Obama's executive action is completely extraneous from DHS funding, but that supposition is completely wrong. The agency's responsibilities include border security and immigration. Funding for Homeland Security is exactly where limits on immigration policy should be addressed. So who are the American people going to side with, the party that is being true to the Constitution or the party who is siding with foreigners who violated our immigration laws?

If the Republicans can't sell their side of the dispute, then they truly are the stupid party and ought to just disband. It's really not a hard sell.

Mark Campbell, Millersville

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