Readers Respond

Clinton-Trump debate was inconclusive

As one of the millions who watched the Clinton-Trump debate, I cannot pick a winner ("Clinton, Trump supporters view debate through lens of a long campaign," Sept. 26)

But two notable visuals stood out. It appeared that Donald Trump had a bad cold or was suffering from allergies. This worked to his disadvantage.


Then when Hillary Clinton came on stage, I gasped at her bright red pantsuit. Was she pretending to be Santa Claus?

My overall reaction to the "debate of the century" was sadness. Is this the best we can do? Mr. Trump's arguments about our nation's future were on target. I too am worried about jobs leaving the country.


I also deplore our self-appointed role of world policeman. And I am aware of the Third World condition our infrastructure is in. Yet I worry Mr. Trump will hit a brick wall of apathy and inertia if he is elected president.

Ms. Clinton disturbs me, and so does her Clinton Foundation. I've read parts of "Clinton Cash" by Peter Schweizer and was numb with disgust. Anyone who enjoyed the honor of being a U.S. secretary of state had no business running a separate, outside organization to enrich herself.

As much as I admire Mr. Trump's ideas to "make America great again," the hatred he's generated is horrifying. I stood outside the Baltimore Convention Center when he spoke and was appalled by the anti-Trump fury. It was frightening.

The ambivalence I felt after the debate disturbed me. Hopefully during the next round, Mr. Trump will have recovered from his cold and Ms. Clinton will have found a new stylist. She also needs to offer some original ideas, not the just same old tired precepts.

Roz Ellis Heid, Baltimore