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Why all the sympathy for condemned killers? [Letter]

Why is it the convicted criminals get all the sympathy from some segments of the public? ("Death penalty limbo," April 29.) The "hysteria" over a humane way to execute a heinous, cold blooded killer is almost hysterical. The way that was developed to humanely execute a criminal has been torn apart by liberal judicial officials. No problem, Maryland still has the gas chamber that just needs some minor repairs and inspection and could be operational. Florida and some other states have the electric chair, hanging is still on the books in some states, and in Utah the firing squad is an option.

Maryland could have procedures in place for an execution in very short order if it were not for the milquetoast legislature and Gov. Martin O'Malley's lackeys who in the department of corrections.


As for the last four awaiting execution, The Sun states they could do their time in obscurity in a maximum security facility in Western Maryland as if that is a punishment. I am sure all of their innocent victims would be more than happy to sit in obscurity anywhere!

As for the botched execution in Oklahoma, I can assure you that there were a lot more people who were cheering over that and for those who watched; they should view that as they just got a glimpse of what the their victims went through.


Shed no tears for the death row inmates they have been alive over 30 years longer than their victims. Instead, find a way to exact justice for the victims and closure for their families. Better yet, ask the victims' families how they would like the executions done.

Gary Hornbaker, Severn


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