Constitution not written in stone [Letter]

The final panel in the "Kal's View" editorial cartoon (March 30) is interesting in that it shows that the Founding Fathers did not recognize the words, email, cellphone, car or mall. Actually, they didn't know a lot of what we now know. They would not have understood electric light, autism, universal suffrage, the 40-hour work week, backyard barbecues, air conditioning or public libraries. They lived in a pretty small world that was only beginning to expand and evolve.

The U.S. Constitution should be viewed as a working document subject to change as needed as is evidenced by the number of amendments that have been added. Some regressive conservatives love to quote the Founding Fathers, but they fail to validate the essential role of women in the development of the nation. We never hear the "Founding Mothers" quoted. I believe that we should see our society as a vital organism requiring ongoing change and adaptation to meet the demands of our modern society.

The democratic foundation of our society is just that — a foundation on which succeeding generations need to build structures designed to meet the needs of a people looking forward with hope for an improvement in the way we live with one another. Clearly, there is still much work to be done.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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